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villain[ˈvɪlən] n.坏人,恶棍

portray[pɔːrˈtreɪ] v.描绘,扮演

squiggle[ˈskwɪɡl] v.使成波形曲线

mundane[mʌnˈdeɪn] adj.世俗的,平凡的

poignant[ˈpɔɪnjənt] adj.尖锐的,心酸的

metaphor[ˈmetəfər] n.暗喻,隐喻

enamored[ɪˈnæmərd] adj.迷恋的,倾心的


transcendent[trænˈsendənt] adj.卓越的,超常的

Soul——A Heartwarming Movie To Watch


If Disney's animated-movie formula relies on tales of heroes and princesses,of villains destroyed and personal freedom achieved,then Pixar’s formula is far more mundane.For decades, the computer-animation studio has made movies that port-ray transcendent feelings and experiences as the products of ordinary jobs, perfor-med diligently by strange little beings behind the scenes.


Monsters,Inc.,in 2001, revealed that our fears were created by cuddly,blue-collar creatures.Inside Out, in 2015, personified our emotions as brightly colored sprites pressing buttons and pulling levers. Now, Soul imagines how our personalities are created at a cartoon summer camp, where smiley blobs and squiggles convene to generate human souls.


In about 100 jaunty,poignant minutes, "Soul,"the new Pixar Animation feature,tackle some of the questions that many of us have been losing sleep over since childhood.Why do I exist? What's the point of being alive?What comes after?


All three of these movies were directed by Pete Docter,the man who is also behindUp.As one of Pixar’s foremost directors,the filmmaker is enamored of using animation to conjure worlds rooted in abstract metaphor. Soul, which debuts today on Disney+,ishis most conceptual film yet, largely set in a realm known as“the Great Before,”acloudy land where human personalities are created and zapped into our bodies uponbirth. The ambition of Docter’s world building is laudable. And the smaller, humannarrative he tries to tell within that universe—about a jazz pianist who finds himselfstuck in the Great Before after a near-death experience—is sweet and charming.


Docter has wrestled with “grown-up” themes before and managed to cram theminto an easy-to-understand story arc. Up began with the emotional hammer blow of anaging character losing his wife before he embarked on a new adventure. Soul sets aneven tougher challenge for itself by apparently killing its lead character withinminutes. But Docter finds clever ways to travel between the heavens and Earth, using the odd, nonphysical world Joe finds himself in to teach valuable lessons aboutfinding joy in life even as it disappoints us.


We are all born with dreams, Docter seems to be saying, bubbling with ideas and personalities that are created even before we come into the world, but Joe’s storyproves that there is more to life than that. Essentially, Docter has made a Pixar filmfor kids that tries to run at the nature-versus-nurture question and ends up splitting thedifference. Compared to Pixar’s recent spate of sequels to past hits, Soul is a loftierproject—a messy but expansive story worthy of its director’s grand ambitions.


Soul constructs a wonderful and warm world to discuss our dreams, reality a life.A person who only sticks to the idea of climbing a ladder to the sky always thinks of daily life as nothing but annoying trifles, but only by truly embracing life can they experience the beauty of life itself.


Many Chinese moviegoers said they were moved by the film's message to enjoy every second of life even if it is very plain.The story follows a middle school music teacher named Joe Gardner, who seeks to reunite his body and soul after they are accidentally separated just before his big break as a jazz musician. During his journey, he meets a not-yet-born soul who doesn't understand the point of life and together they learn what living is truly about.


After watching the film, many moviegoers realized that they too are ordinary people who may have destinations that can never be reached and that there are sights they will never see, but "I shouldn’t miss out on all the other sights along the way just because of vain goals like high income, big houses and luxury bags. It's time to slow down and appreciate the scenes of daily life and live in the moment," a moviegoer surnamed Wan, 27, told the Global Times on Monday, adding that she was moved to tears by the film after she figured out what it was trying to say.


Another netizen, 36, wrote about his own experience watching the film, saying that he totally understood Joe's feelings as the character is just like him."Even if you try your best, sometimes plain life cannot be changed anymore and you won't become a superstar. The film teaches me how to accept the reality."


There is one story about a fish. He swims up to this older fish and says, "I’m trying to find this thing they call the ocean.""The ocean?" says the older fish."That’s whatyouare in right now.""This?" says the young fish." This is water. What I want is the ocean."Sometimes we are like this young fish, trying to find the ocean, but we are already in the ocean. Sometimes, we are trying to find the purpose of life, but the purpose of life is life itself.

有一个一条鱼的故事。他游到一条年长的鱼面前,说:“我在寻找他们说的海洋。”“海洋?” 年长的鱼说,“你就在海洋里呀。”“这里?”年轻的鱼说,“这是水,我要找的是海洋。”有时候,我们就像这条年轻的鱼,努力寻找海洋,殊不知,我们已经身处海洋之中。有时候,我们努力寻找生活的目标,殊不知,生活的目标就是生活本身。

Lifeis not all about goals, or achievements. It’s about living,righthere in thismoment, exactly where you are.When you begin to enjoy the falling leaves of a tree, the singing among the crowds in the subway, the great joy which food brings to you,yes, when you begin to love life and live in the moment, the spark of your life will be ignited.Life is beautiful, life is worth living.Live in the now, live it to the fullest.






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